US Botanical Garden Virtual Tours

The US Botanic Garden is the beautiful Garden in the North America. During the quarantine periods, you might be stress and need to take some vacation. Luckily, The US Botanic Garden has a virtual tour you can take.

The Garden will give you the variety of plants, the importance, and fundamental value and also as their aesthetic, cultural, economic, therapeutic, and ecological significance. With over 1,000,000 visitors annually, the USBG strives to demonstrate and promote sustainable practices.


US Botanic Garden

Photograph by Farragutful distributed under CC BY-SA

What You Can Enjoy

The Begonias

The begonias are known as the great imposters because their leaf shapes mimic a lot of other plants. You’ll see begonias in so many different shapes. The most favorites begonia is Sophie Cecile it has been around a long time in the US Botanic Garden.

The Orchid Show

Technology has really changed our relationship with orchids overtime. We’ve used technology to sequence their DNA, store their seeds, and grow them for everyday enjoyment. If you look around, the many diverse and beautiful orchids in the Conservatory, you’ll notice that this spectacular display is possible thanks in part to years of technological advancement. We’re exploring how technology contributes to how we conserve, grow, and understand orchids.

The United States Botanic Garden (USBG) is temporarily closed to the public to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19…

Posted by U.S. Botanic Garden at Saturday, March 21 2020

How to Take The USBG Virtual Tours

You can take a 360-degree virtual tour throughout the garden and in the Conservatory. This good thing is to happen because the USBG is worked with Google street. Below is how to take the USBG Virtual Tours:

  1. Go to the official virtual tour link
  2. Choose your starting point
  3. Use your keyboard arrow or mouse pointer to go to your desired directions.
  4. If you want a full-screen mode, click on the top right of the tour screen.
  5. You can also take the Audio Tours and Video Tours